Top 15 waterfalls in India

Top 15 waterfalls in India – Bequeathed with different climates and various landscapes over the map, the Indian subcontinent offers a lot when it comes to celebrating within the lap of nature – from flourishing forests to parched deserts, verdant green valleys to mountains covered with snow, and peaceful rivers to stormy seas. Among its various bewitching natural sensations are the cascading waterfalls in india, from the north to the south.

Isn’t it a fantastic sight to see water flowing from incredible heights into the canyons? The pleasant ease bickering, the natural water, and the rich flourishing rolling inclinations make for the world’s most beautiful sites. Waterfalls are admittedly beautiful and a blessing to us by nature. India is famous for many things, but it is the waterfalls that steal the show. Waterfalls in India give a magnanimous sight that mesmerizes us.

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Best waterfalls in India

#1 Shivanasamudra Waterfalls in India located in Karnataka:

Shivanasamudra Waterfall-Chamarajanagar-Karnataka

Shivanasamudra Falls is located in the Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka, India. This waterfall is divided into two branches, western and eastern. Flowing underneath the rocky mountains, those waterfalls are surrounded by a great range of plants and fauna, generosity of the hilly woods of Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. For photography lovers, this is the spot to be. After all, a selfie with the second-largest waterfall located in India is once in a lifetime moment. The best time to visit this place is from June to October.

#2 Bhagsu waterfalls located in Himachal Pradesh:

Bhagsu Waterfalls
Bhagsu waterfalls – Dharamshala – Himachal Pradesh

Surrounded by the enchanting charm of Dharamshala, Bhagsu Fall is a treat for our eyes. The tranquility and harmony presented at this place ease our minds. This popular tourist stop is excellent for picnicking with our loved ones. In the vicinity of this fall, Bhagsunath Temple is settled and adds a religious touch to this place. Bhagsu waterfall begins from the Dhauladhar Valley, which is also a spiritual site.

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The waves roll forward over the Bhagsunath temple and reach the top, where it quickly falls with a swishing sound. The fall’s beauty gets magnified through the monsoon when the waterfall lounging at the height of 30 feet discharges down large quantities of water along among the showers of rainfall.

#3 Dudhsagar Waterfalls located in Goa:

Dudhsagar waterfalls
Dudhsagar Waterfalls- Goa

The Dudhsagar waterfalls rest upon the Mandovi River located in Goa. Dudhsagar falls one of the largest waterfalls present in India, with an altitude of 1017 feet. The falls are a vision to observe mainly if you visit it in the monsoon season; water falling from a height casts clouds of cloudy foam at the ground, forming a visual of artistic beauty. Arranged amidst the moon-shaped hollow covered with rich green flora, the falls are an excellent getaway for your vacation.

#4 Athirappilly Waterfalls located in Kerala:

Athirappilly waterfalls
Athirappilly Waterfalls -Thrissur -Kerala

An excellent place to spend monsoons with your loved ones, the Athirappilly Waterfalls is one of Kerala’s largest waterfalls. The frizzle of silver water drops into the lavish forest, which is habitat to species like Cochin Forest Cane Turtle, Nilgiri Langur, and Great Indian Hornbill. Athirappilly waterfalls are also called ‘Niagara of India,’ Athirappilly falls can make anyone fall in love at first sight.

#5 Elephant waterfalls located in Meghalaya:

Elephant Waterfalls
Elephant Waterfalls – Vietnam

Elephant waterfalls are the most famous waterfalls in India; the Elephant falls are different from many waterfalls due to their breathtaking views. Those falls are characteristic of being quite the state’s adventure point, which makes them unique and appealing. Being one of the numerous famous tourist places in Shillong, these falls are split into three different sections that flow in a sequence.

#6 Jog waterfalls located in Karnataka:

Jog Waterfalls
Jog Waterfalls – Karnataka

The biggest untiered waterfall in India, the Jog Falls located in Shimoga, is a vision to behold. Flowing out in total power and sphinx, these waterfalls make for an excellent trekking place too. A chance to jump into the water at the foundation makes those falls into one of the enthralling activities one can try.

#7 Soochipara waterfalls located in Kerala:

Soochipara Waterfalls
Soochipara Waterfalls – Vellarimala – Kerala

Soochipara Falls, also recognized as Sentinel Rockfalls, is located 23 km off from Kalpetta, within Vellarimala. The waterfall is known for signifying a famous picnic spot, even a popular trekking spot. The place is perfect for rock climbing plus holds a magnificent view. A fabulous place to sneak out to with your loved ones.

These waterfalls’ delightful beauty has presented them as one of the most exciting and courageous places in the area. Giving out the structure of rock trekking, climbing, also simple picnicking, this place is quite a right hangout place.

#8 Nuranang waterfalls located in Arunachal Pradesh:

Nuranang Waterfalls
Nuranang Waterfalls – Tawang – Arunachal Pradesh

Nuranang Falls, which is also called Bong Bong falls, is one of the undiscovered miracles of nature, which prevails within the Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh. Encircled by spiritual views of Tawang, this waterfall is fast converting into one of the most desirable tourist charms in North East India. You require a government permit to visit Arunachal Pradesh, so ensure you have all the paperwork within the place where you head to this impressive waterfall.

#9 Nohkalikai waterfalls located in cherrapunji:

Nohkalikai Waterfalls
Nohkalikai Waterfalls – East Khasi Hills – Meghalaya

This climactic legend is based out of the wettest place within India, Cherrapunji. The 335 m enormous falls roar, rise, and sprinkle on the rocks, including a thunderous noise clear to you even when you stand at the viewing gallery, made at a safe distance from that point. The place holds an extraordinary landscape and presents some excellent scenes for experienced photographers. The fog adhering at the rear of the intense flowing falls proceeds for a view you will bring back with you.

Being the most rainy place in India, Cherrapunji ought to have an incredible waterfall to its triumph, and so it has. The Nohkalikai falls are recognized to splash vigorously onto the rocks at 335 meters under their beginning point. The incredible landscape of those falls makes them a pretty view from a distance.

#10 Iruppu waterfalls locate din Coorg:

Iruppu Waterfalls
Iruppu Waterfalls – Kurchi – Karnataka

The Kashmir of the south has a beautiful waterfall to claim of. The Iruppu falls are attributed to one of the most enjoyable sights represented in Coorg. Inside the hills’ eccentric set up, this site sure has enhanced the place’s attractiveness, which is inexplicably fascinating.

#11 Bhimlat waterfalls located in Rajasthan

Bhimlat Waterfalls
Bhimlat Waterfalls – Kheenya – Rajasthan

Bhimlat waterfalls are located in Rajasthan, which is popular for its hot and sand-covered desserts, where afternoons are sweltering and evenings are freezing, Bhimlat falls do an excellent job at divulging the stereotypical representation of the place. Located in Bundi, Bhimlat stimulates the most excellent of its charm on monsoons. The 60 meters giant waterfall makes for a magnificent dramatic relief within the disturbing summers of Rajasthan. If you think of an outing to this state, do not miss out on this natural fascination.

#12 Hogenakkal waterfalls located in Tamil Nadu:

Hogenakkal Waterfalls
Hogenakkal Waterfalls – Tamil Nadu

If Canada has Niagara, India has Hogenakkal, which is located in Tamil Nadu. Only the simple size of these falls associated with the famous Niagara Falls says sufficient about their waterfall attraction. Owing to such magnificent finesse of running water, this waterfall is among the state’s coolest tourist spots.

#13 Talakona waterfalls located in Andhra Pradesh:

Talakona Waterfalls
Talakona Waterfalls – Chittoor – Andhra Pradesh

Sitting within the Sri Venkateswara National Park near Chittoor is a breathtaking cascade flowing down into a dive pool from a length of around 270 feet. These cascades are enclosed by the tremendous rich greens that are a gift for the hearts and soul. Legend holds it that the waters of these falls are enhanced with herbs that own restorative powers. With a wide variety of plant varieties discovered in this area, Talakona Waterfalls was announced as a biosphere reserve back during the day.

#14 Kune waterfalls located in Maharashtra:

Kune Waterfalls
Kune Waterfalls – Lonavala – Maharashtra

Lonavala-Khandala themselves are recognized as Maharashtra state’s beauty, and the waterfall among such beautiful places is cheery on the cake. The three-tiered waterfalls of Kune are as high as 200 feet, plus it is the distinguished grace including which those falls pour out, that they have a name positively amongst the massive list of waterfalls located in India.

#15 Courtallam waterfalls located in Tamil Nadu:

Courtallam Waterfalls
Courtallam Waterfalls – Tenkasi – Tami Nadu

Courtallam waterfalls are situated in a tiny panchayat town, and the Courtallam Falls level up to a length of 160 meters. This consecutive set of waterfalls began from the Chittar River within the Western Ghats. The beautiful view of those falls stays undiminished into the year though it is correct in the rainy season that the water’s thunder can be heard from kilometers distant.

The different descriptions of some of India’s most impressive waterfalls in india must have your attention stimulated concerning the multiple benefits that this country has been endowed with. Still, to see the charm of waterfalls in india, one must ingest it firsthand.

Once the view of these cascades has been viewed, it is only then that their beauty can fully be perceived. Visit them and share your experiences with us.

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