SQL Sample Tables with Data (Download FREE)

SQL is a most popular language used in RDBMS and defined as Structured Query Language

SQL was developed by IBM Corporation by Raymond F and Donald D Chamberin with the name of Structured English Query Language (SEQUEL). It later became SQL. In 1979 Oracle (previously Relational Software INC) produced the first commercially available implementation of SQL.

So today in this article, you will explore open source tables and data sets for the SQL language learning process. By using this data set  you will explore concepts of SQL from basic to advanced level. And you will gain your knowledge to the next level. (Source of this data set – GITHUB).

SQL sample tables with data contains HUMAN RESOURCE information & it is mentioned below

This data set refers to 3 lakh employees with their IDs, First_Name, Last_Name, Hire_Date, From_Date, To_Date, Salaries, Their_Positions, Gender, and many more details.

List of the Tables present in this SAMPLE SQL Data Set

  • Employees
  • Titles
  • Department Managers
  • Employee Managers
  • Salaries
  • Department Employees

Download Here – SQL Sample Tables with Data

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