Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions

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Salesforce Lightning is one the popular extension for Salesforce CRM. Today in this article we will discuss about Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers curated by Industry experts. By reading these Salesforce Lightning Questions you will be master in Salesforce Lightning Concepts

Salesforce lightning interview questions

  1. What is Salesforce Lightning?

Lightning is an enhanced and improved Salesforce platform version that was designed for simplifying the method of building apps, immediately customizing the ecosystem to increase the effectiveness and potency of internal users including their work, as well as for connecting with consumers and making their practice better.

  1. Name the tools that are part of lightning?

Salesforce lightning possesses the following tools
Lightning Component Framework
Lightning Experience
Lightning Connect
Lightning App Builder
Lightning Design System
Lightning Schema Builder
Lightning Exchange

  1. What are the advantages of salesforce lightning?

From the side of admin, the Lightning version gives several customizations leverages, including the framework by reusable low-code blocks which admins can utilise to build components and put them on various pages through an easy drag and drop. and, the Appexchange gives several components, off-the-rack plugins, and applications that can be plugged within from the Appexchange.

  1. Explain about components in salesforce lightning?

Web components in Lightning are components that are designed for building applications plus blocks. Usually, they consist of a Controller, Mark-ups, a Style, a Helper and a Renderer. Components are gathered when constructing the app and are normally reusable.

  1. How to build lightning components?

We can build these Lightning Components utilising two programming paradigms: the original Aura Components model plus the Lightning Web Components model.

  1. Explain attributes?

Attributes are the variables that are utilised to store values. We define the Type, Name, Description, Default, Access within the attribute definition. Only Name and Type are wanted parameters within the attribute definition.

  1. What are the types of attributes?

Different types of attributes are:

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  1. What is Aura?

Aura is an open-source framework that is one of the methods to generate Lightning components that we can reuse. This unique programming model is speculated to be the “basics” for creating components. The other more contemporary method, Lightning Web Component, is very distinct from it.

  1. Can we consider the lightning framework as MVC?

It is not ethical to summon Salesforce Lightning as a model-view-controller–MVC framework because it is component-based.

  1. Where can we apply the lightning components?

Lightning components can be utilised within various places, including the Lightning App Builder plus Community Builder, into different standalone applications, as well as within Lightning Pages, Lightning Experience Record Pages, including Visualforce pages. Also, they could be exposed in the navigation bar, within the App Launcher, moreover as a Quick Action.

  1. Name the types of events that are present within the lightning component in Salesforce?

Events are required for transmitting data among components, plus, as a rule, events are dismissed due to an action of the user. There are three different types of events:

  1. Explain the key difference between Application and Component Events?

The key difference between application and component events is
Component Events are suitable during parent-to-child communication within a hierarchy, that is, if any update is performed within the child component, it will be signalled to the parent.

Application Events support for communication concerning variations among different component types within various parts of a single app plus they are not attached to hierarchical or else any direct connections.

  1. What are the lightning record pages in salesforce?

We can make usage of Lightning App Builder for generating Lightning Record Pages, to generate the following three types of pages:
Record page
App page
Home page

  1. List the different collection types in the salesforce lightning component?

There are four different types of collection types in the salesforce lightning component

  1. Are lightning components intended only for Mobile apps?

Components have been developed to be mobile-first, but including responsive design within the mind. And With Lightning, we can construct responsive apps active for mobile, desktop, plus tablets.

  1. Explain the difference among Visualforce and Lightning components?

The important differentiation rests within the point that Lightning components are created based upon the component framework, these are well-adapted to the mobile and are focused around the client. On the other side, Visualforce components spin around the page itself including the server is the point where the preponderance of work takes place.

  1. When can we use Lightning Out?

The Lightning Out characteristic is suitable within cases during a component that you have made requirements to be utilised on an obvious site outside Salesforce containers as well as upon any webpage.

  1. Can we integrate lightning with the third-party framework?

Yes, we can integrate Lightning with the third-party r frameworks, for example with Angular. You can likewise apply a third-party framework on Aura components. Although, you can not utilise a third-party framework directly inside Lightning Web Components.

  1. Explain the Lightning data services?

Lightning Data Services (LDS) is required for caching schemes. This framework permits you to add, upload, change or eliminate a component’s records without the requirement for Apex code of the server-side. It is also suitable for Sharing Rules including Field-level Security, not to consider its advantages for enhanced performance plus the possibility it provides the users to operate with data offline.

  1. Explain the locker service used in salesforce lightning?

It is utilized for improved security purposes. That security architecture safeguards Lightning components by confining them within their particular namespace. The Locker Service is helpful when building components, it also allows access to solely backend APIs.

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