Power BI DAX interview questions And Answers

Data Analysis Expressions shortly referred to as DAX is a library of operators and functions, used to build expressions and expressions in Power BI, Power Pivot in Excel, and Analysis Services data models.

DAX will give more power to handle vast data with ease.

Today we will learn about TOP Power BI DAX Interview Questions and Answers, using these questions you were able to crack Power BI DAX Exam.

Learn prepare the data, model the data, view the data, analyze the data, and deploy and maintain deliveries.

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Microsoft Power BI DAX Interview Questions And Answers

Power BI DAX Basic Interview Questions

1. Which is the difference between a shared and local data set? *

  • A local dataset only works for local data sources (I.e. Excel files).
  • A local dataset creates a live connection to the Power BI Service.
  • A shared dataset can be reused by multiple members of a workspace (Answer)

2. True or False: A Power BI Data model can contain only import tables or Direct Query tables; it is not possible to have both in the same data model. *

  • True
  • False

3. A client requires near-Real Time data displayed in their report. Choose the appropriate database connection type.

  • DirectQuery
  • Import
  • Storage Mode
  • None of the above

4. What are the two options available in Power Query to combine multiple tables together? 

  • Merge and Sort
  • Merge and Append
  • Append and Combine
  • Append and Sort

5. True or False: if you want to model your data (e.g. define your own relationships and create DAX measures) you need to use Power BI Desktop rather than just connecting to data in the Power BI Service.

  • True
  • False

6. What is meant by a Live connection in Power BI?

  • Database connection that utilises Single Sign on to authenticate against the underlying Source (e.g. SQL)
  • Connecting to a pre-built data model e.g. an Analysis Services Database or data model in the Power BI Service.
  • The data shows in real-time from the data source
  • A way to run queries directly on the course system

7. You want to connect to an on-premise database in your company (which has been set up on a Gateway) but are unable to obtain credentials to connect directly to it yourself. What would be the best way to gain access to this data?

  • Ask the data source owner/IT to create a Dataflow which connects to the database (via Gateway) and request access to the workspace in which the dataflow is hosted
  • Use the ‘Get Data’ Option in Power BI Service and connect via the Gateway
  • Connect using Power BI Desktop and connect via the Gateway

8. Why is the column profiling feature in the Query Editor potentially useful? 

  • It indicates which columns take the longest time to load so you can look to optimise the queries applied against these columns
  • It provides an indication of which columns are not used in the data model and therefore can removed to minimise data size
  • It provides a view of data quality (e.g. where there are blank or error rows) and allows you to understand which columns require cleaning before being loaded into the data model

9. If you want to combine two or more existing queries in the query editor together (with the same columns) as a one-off exercise, which of the following features would you use? 

  •  Join Queries
  • Append Queries
  • Merge QueriesGet 
  • Data From Folder

Power BI DAX Interview Questions And Answers related to Tables

10. Calculate tables are created in DAX and can be viewed in the Power Query editor.

  • True
  • False

11. Which of the following is not a necessary step in order to configure row-level security on the Power BI Service? 

  • Define roles within Power BI Desktop
  • Apply filtering to specific tables based on logic for roles
  • Add users or groups to roles within the Power BI Service
  • Publish app to entire organisation

12. Imagine that a user creates an implicit measure in a Power BI report by averaging the Unit Price column. They then filter down the data to only show the Novelty Shop customer category. If you wanted to code this into a DAX measure, which of the following will produce the correct results?

  • AVERAGE(‘Sales Orderlines’[Unit Price])
  • AVERAGE(‘Sales Orderlines’[Unit Price]) && ‘Customer Category’[CustomerCategoryName] = ‘Novelty Shop’
  • CALCULATE(AVERAGE(‘Sales Orderlines’[Unit Price]), ‘Customer Category’[CustomerCategoryName] = ‘Novelty Shop’)
  • CALCULATE(AVERAGE(‘Sales Orderlines’[Unit Price]))

13. Semi-additive calculations (i.e. balance at end of month) often use which of the following functions?

  • SUM

14. Power BI’s Vertipaq Engine compresses the data loaded into Power BI to reduce model size and speed up report performance. Which of the following actions will have the largest positive impact on compression?

  • Renaming all columns to lowercase
  • Removing unnecessary columns from the data model
  • Optimising Power Query joins
  • Removing unnecessary measures

15. Imagine you have a datetime data column with various datetime values. Converting the column to a date datatype will have an effect on cardinality?

  • Increase
  • Decrease
  • The cardinality will stay the same.

16. Aggregations are a useful feature to speed up model performance. Which of the following statements is true? 

  • All data sources must be set to DirectQuery mode.
  • All data sources must be set to Import mode.
  • At least one data source must be set to DirectQuery pand one data source must be set to Import mode.
  • Aggregations can work regardless of the data connection modes.

17. You receive the following requirements: “I want to show the correlation between Quantity and Unit Price. I would like each individual transaction to show on the chart.” Which visualisation type would best display the required data?

  • Bar Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Matrix
  • Scatter Chart

18. You can interact with T and Python visuals by hovering over them and clicking on them to cross-filter other visualisations on the page.

  • True
  • False

19. A report or dashboard will not render on the Power BI mobile app without firstly creating a custom mobile view.

  • True
  • False

Power BI DAX Interview Questions – Intermediate Level

20. Data alerts can be set up on which of the following groups of visuals?

  • Cards, lines, charts, tables.
  • Cards, gauges, KPIs.
  • Matrixes, line charts, column charts.
  • All of the above.

21. When you pin a live report page from a report to a dashboard, the data will update automatically when the report data is refreshed?

  • True
  • False

22. When creating a “Clear All Filters” bookmark, it is important to ensure that which of the following bookmark options is checked in order to save the state of the cleared page?

  • Data
  • Display
  • Current Page
  • All Visuals

23. Which is not a valid option for editing interaction between visuals?

  • Filter
  • Cross-Highlight
  • Multi-select
  • No Interaction

24. Sync Slicers allow slicer selections to carry over between pages. This functionality requires that all slicers be visible on each page

  • True
  • False

25. Which of the following is NOT a function available in the Selection Pane?

  • Setting the tab order.
  • Hiding visuals on the report page.
  • Setting the layer order of visuals.
  • Syncing visuals across multiple pages.

26. Your client wants to only show the five US states with the most orders in the past year. Which of the following methods will best visualise the necessary data?

  • Conditional formatting
  • Top-N analysis
  • Slicing and FIltering
  • Python and R visuals

27. Which of the following options does NOT use Power BI’s baked-in artificial intelligence?

  • Quick Insights
  • Q&A Visual
  • Key Influencers visual
  • Python or R visuals

28. Reference lines and forecasting can be applied in which pane?

  • Formatting Pane
  • Visualisation Pane
  • Analytics Pane
  • Selection Pane

29. A client would like a clear view of the sales performance on weekdays and weekends. Which of the following functionality will help you easily provide the answer? 

  • Binning
  • Decomposition Tree Visual
  • Grouping
  • Reference lines

Microsoft Power BI DAX Interview Questions – Advanced Level

30. When interacting with the Decomposition Tree visual, the breakdown order is set by the order of fields added to the visual during the authoring step. The user cannot drill down in a different order?

  • True
  • False

31. Fill in the blanks. A Power BI Pro subscription allows you to set up _ scheduled refreshes per day while Power BI Premium allows _ scheduled refreshes per day. *

  • 24, 48
  • 8, 48
  • 3, 24
  • 3,48

32. The RangeStart and RangeEnd parameters must be created in a Power BI Desktop file as the first step to set up incremental refresh. *

  • True
  • False

33. Incremental refresh can be set up for which of the following data sources out of the box?

  • Web based (i.e. web page)
  • Database (i.e. Azure SQL)
  • Local files (i.e. Excel)
  • All of the above.

34. Endorsing a dataset is a good way to let users know that the data model can be trusted for further development purposes. Which of the following are valid types of endorsements? Select all that apply.

  • Promoted and Certified
  • Advocated and Promoted
  • Distinguished and Advocated
  • Advocated and Certified

35. If you want to provide workspace access to a co-worked to allow them to create and edit Power BI reports but don’t want them to be able to update apps, which workspace role should be assigned?

  • Viewer
  • Contributor
  • Admin
  • Member

36. Workspace apps cannot be shared with which of the following options?

  • Specified users via email addresses.
  • External users in a different organisation.
  • The entire organisation.
  • The entire internet (i.e. publish to the web).

Microsoft Power BI DAX Exam Details

Power BI DAX Documentation

Power BI DAX Advanced Interview Questions

What is the file size limit to publish a .PBIX file to Power BI Service Free? *

  • 3 GB
  • 1 GB
  • 10 GB
  • No Limit

Which of the following visualization types do not support configuring dashboard alerts? *

  • Gauge
  • Card
  • Waterfall
  • KPI

Which option does not allow you to hide a field from the Report view in Power BI Desktop? *

  • In Power BI Desktop Report view, right-click the field on the Fields list, and click Delete.
  • In Power BI Desktop Data view, right-click the column header on the respective table and click Hide in Report View.
  • In Power BI Desktop Relationships view, right-click the field on the respective table, and click Hide in Report View.
  • In Power BI Desktop Report view, right-click the field on the Fields list, and click Hide.

In which of the following scenarios refreshing an imported data set in the Power BI Service require either the on-premises gateway or a personal gateway? *

  • Refreshing a dataset which imports its data from a list in SharePoint Online.
  • Refreshing a dataset which imports its data from an Azure SQL database.
  • Refreshing a dataset which imports its data from an on-premises SQL Server database.

What do you need to do to create many-to-many relationship between 2 tables? *

  • Create relationship as normal and select Many to Many cardinality.
  • Create a bridge table that contains unique values
  • Join multiple columns of these tables.
  • Consider the following DAX formula for a calculated column in the Sales table: UnitPrice = Sales [Revenue] / Sales[Units].

Which statement does not describe the DAX formula? *

  • The formula creates a calculated column named UnitPrice.
  • The value of the calculated column is dependent on the Revenue column.
  • The value of the calculated column is dependent on the Units column.
  • The Data type of the calculated column is Text.

Which of the following resources are automatically provisioned when you create a new app workspace in the Power BI Service? *

  • An Office 365 Group which triggers the creation of a SharePoint team site
  • A shared capacity which is used to host the workspace
  • A storage container for Power BI resources including datasets, reports, and dashboards
  • An Azure Active Directory user account to serve as the workspace identity

Which of the following report page details are not recorded when you create a bookmark? *

  • The sort order of rows in a Table visual
  • Whether a visual has been spotlighted or hidden
  • The next page in the current bookmark collection’s sequence
  • The current selection(s) for each slicer on the page

Reports are often confused with dashboards since they too are canvases filled with visualizations. But there are some major differences. Which one allows you to filter, highlight, and slice, and also see data set tables and fields and values? *

  • Report
  • Dashboard

Which two cross filter directions are available in Power BI table relationships? *

  • Double and Both
  • Multiple and Both
  • Both and Single
  • Single and Double

You want to import data from Microsoft Access database to Power BI desktop but there is an error appearing on the screen. “The ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDN.12.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine”. What is the reason for this error? *

  • Privacy is set to access database.
  • Access database is password protected.
  • Provider is not installed in the system.
  • Database name is wrong

Power BI DAX Interview Questions – QUIZ Type Answers

Which of the following platforms do not support R visuals? *

  • Power BI Mobile APP (for reports hosted on app.powerbi.com)
  • Power BI Service
  • Reports hosted on Power BI Embedded(V2)
  • Publish to Web
  • Power BI Desktop

You are the BI developer at Adventure Works responsible for enabling report creation and sharing by business users. Currently, there is an on-premises data warehouse built with SQL Server 2017, and there are some files stored on a shared drive that contain sales targets. The files are updated manually on a weekly basis. All reports need to be refreshed automatically at-least once a day. Everyone in the organization has a Power BI Pro license. Adventure Works has a hot-desking policy, and all employees must lock their laptops in allocated cabinets. Some business users would like to be able to create their own reports and share them internally. Only a select group of users must have the rights to share reports externally. Adventure Works has a separate manager for each product category. One of the reports must be secured in such a way that each manager must be able to see the products of the category they manage only, while the CEO must be able to see all sales. An HR analyst maintains a table that maps the category name to the manager email address. The management requested your assistance in making sure that business users can create and share their Power BI reports within the organization. Based on background information and business requirements, answer the following question Business users ask your guidance on how they should configure automatic refresh. Which gateway installation mode is appropriate for Adventure Works? *

  • On-Premises Data Gateway.
  • On-Premises Data Gateway (Personal Mode)

The management requested two Power BI reports to be produced: one that shows all sales data, including transactions that happened in the past 10 minutes, and another report that tracks historical targets versus actual figures for the past 12 months. Historical report is prepared at the beginning of every month. Based on background information and business requirements, answer the following questions: Which data connectivity mode should you use for each report? *

  • DirectQuery for both
  • Import data for both
  • DirectQuery for the historical data report, Import data for the sales targets report
  • DirectQuery for the sales report, Import data for the historical data report

Which of the following cardinalities are not available in Power BI table relationships? *

  • Many to Single
  • One to Many
  • One to One
  • Many to Many

The following table contains a Parent-Child hierarchy on the columns: Employee Key and Parent Employee Key. From the table you can see that employee 112 has no parent defined, employee 14 has employee 112 as manager (ParentEmployeeKey), employee 3 has employee 14 as manager and employees 11, 13, and 162 have employee 3 as manager. The above helps to understand that employee 112 has no manager above her/him, and she/he is the top manager for all employees. The PATHLENGTH Function (DAX) returns the number of levels in a given PATH (), starting at the current level until the oldest or topmost parent level. What would be the PATHLENGTH value for the third row below (values 3 and 14)?

Employee Key Parent Employee Key

Which of the following operations cannot be accomplished by a developer using the Power BI Service API (aka Power BI REST API)? *

  • Refreshing an imported dataset
  • Creating a new dataset
  • Retrieving rows from an existing dataset
  • Adding rows to an existing dataset

Which of the following is true for creating a column from an example? *

  • It will list the examples defined by Power BI and you can select anyone to create new column.
  • You can create column from the examples that you have defined already
  • When you type 1 or more values in a column, Power BI analyzes if that value matches the data from selected columns or all columns in the table then it will fill remaining column values according to the matched criteria.

Power BI DAX Interview Questions – Advanced Level 2022

Which of the following is not a possible option to share a dashboard with other users? *

  • Click Share from the upper right of the dashboard you want to share.
  • From the dashboard list, click share button from actions tab
  • From your browser, click Share.
  • Click the ellipsis next to the dashboard name on the Dashboards list, and then click Share.

When using Live Connection, what type of transformations can be applied to data? *

  • None of Them
  • Transpose
  • Unpivot Columns
  • Add Custom Column

You are asked to create a report with the population data from a public website. To get population data in Power BI from public website: Select Get Data -> Web -> Paste Website Link -> Click connect in Anonymous tab. Then in the navigation pane select table that you want to import to Power BI. Do these steps fulfill the requirement to import data from a public website to Power BI? *

  • Yes
  • No

Which of the following is not an advantage of installing Power BI Desktop from the Microsoft Store instead of installing it using the standard MSI download? *

  • It lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) for an organization’s IT department when distributing Power BI Desktop to a large audience.
  • Monthly updates for Power BI Desktop are automatically installed in the background when they’re available.
  • Installation does not require administrative privileges.
  • It provides Power BI Desktop with greater access to content in Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Which views is not available in Power BI Desktop? *

  • Dashboard
  • Data
  • Relationships
  • Report

What are the limitations of live connection? *

  • Need extra steps to share reports with users with free Power BI license.
  • Some visuals are not supported in live connection mode
  • Transformation cannot be applied to data.

Which command in the Power BI Desktop query editor is used to create a new query that uses the output of another query as its input source? *

  • Pipe
  • Reference
  • Duplicate
  • Map

Which statement does not describe the Applied Step’s area in the Query Editor window? *

  • You can modify the connection to the data source by modifying the Source step settings.
  • It records the list of steps from connecting to the data source to all the steps applied to the data.
  • The recorded list is based on the step that has the least effect to the step that has the most effect to the data source.
  • The recorded list follows the sequence of steps applied to the data source.

When connecting to an Access database, which entities are shown in the Navigator window? *

  • Users from the Access database
  • Tables from the Access database.
  • Columns from the Access database
  • Rows in from Access database

Which of the following statement is not true with regard to designing Power BI content for mobile devices? *

  • The Power BI service dashboard designer provides Phone view in the browser to design dashboards which target mobile devices
  • The Power BI Desktop report designer provides Phone Layout View to design reports which target mobile devices.
  • The Power BI Service report designer provides Phone Layout View in the browser to design reports which target mobile devices.
  • The Power BI Desktop dashboard designer provides Phone view to design dashboards which target mobile devices.

The DAX FORMAT function converts a value to text according to the specified format provided as the second argument to the function. Which of the following DAX expression formats the number to display 20.00%? *

  • FORMAT (0.2, “p”)
  • FORMAT (0.2, “%”)
  • FORMAT (0.2, “Percent”)
  • FORMAT (20, “Percent”)

Your company wants you to prepare a dashboard that shows the reports for 10 years of sales data. These reports will be used by company directors to see the monthly sales performance. You need to get data of 10 years from SQL server database. Is Direct Query best option to use in this scenario? *

  • Yes
  • No

Data has been scraped from a table on a popular retirement website. However, the Health care quality column’s scores were not automatically transformed from text to numbers when Query Editor loaded the table. You thus right clicked the column header, and selected Change Type > Whole Number to change them. Unfortunately, the Health care quality column contains a few times in states’ rankings, which was noted on the website by the word (tie) after their numbers. Query Editor thus reports a few errors. What is the consequence of using the Remove Errors option (ribbon or the right-click menu option) to resolve this? *

  • Removes the applied step that has errors
  • Change the errors values to blank
  • Removes any rows with errors
  • Removes the error warnings but keeps all data

After you have pinned a report visual to create a dashboard tile, you can later modify the visual’s properties and the Power BI service will automatically update the dashboard tile with the new visual property values. *

  • False
  • True

To create a DAX formula that automatically calculates the previous month number as calculated column, for example if the month is 6 then formula should return 5. Month columns is calculated from date with formula below. Month = MONTH (Sales [Date]), Which of the following DAX formulas returns correct number for previous month? *

  • Previous Month = PREVIOUSMONTH(Sales [Month])
  • Previous Month = Sales [Month]-1
  • Previous Month = STARTOFMONTH(Sales [Month])-1
  • Previous Month = IF (Sales [Month] =1, 12, Sales [Month]-1)

How to create a chart by “Asking Question” feature? *

  • Home -> Ask Question
  • Modeling -> Ask Question

Into which of the following scopes can you import a custom visual created for Power BI? *

  • Into the scope of an app workspace
  • Into the scope of a premium capacity
  • Into the scope of your personal workspace
  • Into the scope of a Power BI Desktop project

What can you accomplish with data gateway? *

  • View Report
  • Download Report
  • Refresh Data
  • Report Publish

What happens when you click on Focus mode of a tile in Power BI dashboard? *

  • The tile you selected expands and takes the full space
  • The Power BI desktop file gets downloaded
  • The report from which the tile was pinned opens.
  • The Power BI desktop file opens.

You created a line chart that shows Quantity by Month and noticed month values are sorted alphabetically. How can you rectify this? Your solution should involve minimal effort. *

  • Use the ellipsis menu in the visual to change the sort order.
  • Create a measure for each month and place them in the right order.
  • Create a Month Number column from Date or Month Name then use the Sort by Column feature in Modeling Tab and sort Month by Month Number.

What is the purpose of the new Selection pane in the report designer in Power BI Desktop? *

  • It is used to control the tab order between visuals on a page.
  • It is used to select data in a visual for highlighting and drill down
  • It is used to combine two or more visuals on a page into a visual group.
  • It is used to hide and show visuals on a page before recording a bookmark

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