Top Open Source Intelligence Tools – Best OSINT Tools

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Today, we discuss Top Best OSINT Tools (Open Source Intelligence)

A vast amount of data is available on the Internet, there are a lot of pages containing different sets of data in multiple ways. Suppose If we want to search for targeted information on the internet, it may not be available for us at that time. Just because of multiple pages and websites. In that we require some kind of intelligence tools to find out the right information on the internet.

Before the Top OSINT tools list, you need to know about the Open Source Intelligence

What is Open Source Intelligence?

Open source means it is freely available to everyone. And the Intelligence is a process to find the required data legally from all over the internet. Using open source intelligence you may be able to find the raw data legally from different internet sources across the world wide web.

Today we are going to present Top Open Source Intelligence Tools available on the Internet

So, Let’s get started

Top Best OSINT Tools

  1. Maltego

  2. Google Dorks

  3. TinEye

  4. Shodan

  5. The Harvester

  6. Search Code

  7. Recon-Ng

  8. Creepy

  9. SpiderFoot

  10. CheckUsernames


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