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Today, we discuss Top Best OSINT Tools (Open Source Intelligence)

A vast amount of data is available on the Internet, there are a lot of pages containing different sets of data in multiple ways. Suppose If we want to search for targeted information on the internet, it may not be available for us at that time. Just because of multiple pages and websites. In that we require some kind of intelligence tools to find out the right information on the internet.

Before the Top OSINT tools list, you need to know about the Open Source Intelligence

What is Open Source Intelligence?

Open source means it is freely available to everyone. And the Intelligence is a process to find the required data legally from all over the internet. Using open source intelligence you may be able to find the raw data legally from different internet sources across the world wide web.

Today we are going to present Top Open Source Intelligence Tools available on the Internet

So, Let’s get started

Top Best OSINT Tools

  1. Maltego
  2. Google Dorks
  3. TinEye
  4. Shodan
  5. The Harvester
  6. Search Code
  7. Recon-Ng
  8. Creepy
  9. SpiderFoot
  10. CheckUsernames

#1 Maltego

Maltego is one of the popular Intelligence tool to investigate cyber attacks across the world.

Maltego is famously known as OSINT- Open Source Intelligence and graphical connection analysis tool for collecting and connecting data for investigate tasks.

Maltego Key Features

  • Maltego is very doable to gather information from disparate data sources.
  • It possess automatic link and combine all data/information into one graph.
  • It has dedicated visually explore relationships with your information.
  • Used for Law enforcement, forensics, and security professionals to gather and visualize data efficiently.

Maltego is originally developed by Patera and Kali Linux bundle. It ease the process of significant reconnaissance of any destination using built-in-transforms. If you want use Maltego, you must register with Paterva site and it is freely available across the internet.

maltego open source intelligence tool
Maltego Kali Linux

Google Dorks

Google Dorks refers to a hacking technique which uses Google applications and Google applications to find computer code and security holes in the required website. It is also called Google Hacking

Want to learn more about Google Hacking – Click Here


OSINT framework is not a tool, but using this platform, we may get valuable information publicly available over the internet

It has been created to focus on IT security, but later it is used to find all the other information using the querying technique. Most of the time, querying the information is free, but sometimes it may require a low fee.


As you already know – Google is the most used search engine, whereas Shodan is the most used search engine for hackers to explore website assets more conveniently.

Compared to other point tools, Shodan gives the results related to IT security investigation in a more prominent way. Shodan is helping security analysts in grabbing the target and test passwords, ports and so on.

It has robust community support from all over the world.


theHarvester is a fantastic tool to gather hosts, subdomains, open ports, banners, and emails from various public sources like PGP key servers, Shodan computer database, and search engines.

theHarvester osint tool helps to find out the customer footprint on the internet. It is also useful to find out which attacker can see about their enterprise.

theHarvester tool is also available on Kali Linux. Here is the installation guide for Kali Linux.




Creepy is known as a Geolocation open-source intelligence tool. It gathers geolocation data by using various online sources, including image hosting services and social networking channels, viz Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Creepy stores and presents geolocation data in csv or kml format for further analysis in various maps (Google, Apple).

How to use the Creepy OSINT tool for Geolocation information?

  1. Download Creepy using the source code provided on the official website (follow the instructions provided on the official website)
  2. Configure plugins as per instructions provided on the official website
  3. Create a new project – Creepy–>New Project–>PERSON BASED PROJECT
  4. Select the target for the required information
  5. Analyze and monitor the current project by using options provided in the window of creepy.
  6. Required geographical information will be drawn on the map once the execution process completes.
  7. Then filter the results as per your requirement and export the geographical information into csv or kml format. Then view the information on the map.



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