ITIL Interview Questions

itil interview questions


#1 What is the PDCA cycle and explain the different levels available in it?

The PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) cycle is also known as the “Shewhart Cycle” and “Deming Wheel”. This is a four-stage method that can continuously improve business performance in a systematic way or even in an iterative process. There are four different levels in PDCA, let’s take a closer look at each level:

Plan -At this level, you will first understand the problem, and then plan the work that needs to be done based on the size of the project.
Before proceeding to the next stage, some basic content should be answered, such as:

  • What is the core issue?
  • What resources do we need and what resources do we have with us?
  • How to solve the problem with available resources?
  • How will the plan succeed?

Do -Once the plan is determined, it is time to take action. This level will show you whether the selected plan is perfect.

Check -This is the most important level in the process. In this level, you will analyze the results according to the expectations defined in the first level.
If yes, the next step is to move to the fourth level; if not, then return to the first level.

Act– the solution at this level. Note that PDCA is not a process with a beginning and an end, but a process of continuous improvement.

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