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SQL Sample Tables with Data (Download FREE)

SQL is a most popular language used in RDBMS and defined as Structured Query Language SQL was developed by IBM Corporation by Raymond F and Donald D Chamberin with the name of Structured English Query Language (SEQUEL). It later became SQL. In 1979 Oracle (previously Relational Software INC) produced the first commercially available implementation of …

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Top 10 Hibernate Interview Questions

Hibernate Interview Questions and Answers are curated by Industry Experts. 1. What is Hibernate? Hibernate refers to as a Java Framework. It enables the easy process of developing the Java application to interact with the original database. Some Unique that Hibernate holds Hibernate is an Open-Source. Freely available to everyone across the world. Lightweight (installation …

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Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions

Hello Readers! Welcome to iStudynew Salesforce Lightning is one the popular extension for Salesforce CRM. Today in this article we will discuss about Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers curated by Industry experts. By reading these Salesforce Lightning Questions you will be master in Salesforce Lightning Concepts Salesforce lightning interview questions What is Salesforce Lightning? Lightning …

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Open Source RPA Tools

Open Source RPA Tools

Comparable to various software usage, there is a build-or-buy option when getting begun with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Actually, Gartner lately called RPA the fastest-growing business software segment of 2018, including a 63% improvement in worldwide assets. It is a serious business, as well, you have choices. Additionally, commercial RPA traders have generally tried to …

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Best Snowflake Interview Questions and Answers

Snowflake is one of the most widely used cloud data warehouse platforms today. It offers a rich set of security, data-sharing, and resource management features. This Snowflake interview questions article will help you brush up your knowledge before the interview. Whether you are a fresher or experienced, these questions will boost your preparation for the …

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