Top 40 BootStrap Interview Questions

BootStrap Interview Questions

Are you preparing to become Frond-end developer?

Here is the list TOP 30+ Bootstrap Interview Questions and Answers. These questions will help both freshers and experienced candidates. In this article you’ll learn about Bootstrap interview questions & Bootstrap advanced interview questions

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Bootstrap Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is Bootstrap?

Ans. Bootstrap is the most popular toolkit and is a collection of CSS, HTML, and Javascript tools for developing web pages and mobile responsive web applications. It is freely available to everyone. Bootstrap is an open-source project and hosted on Github—initially developed by Twitter.

The current and Latest version of Bootstrap is BootStrap4.

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2. Why Bootstrap?

Ans. Bootstrap is a robust framework that enables you to build responsive websites more accessible and faster. It contains HTML, JavaScript, and CSS templates for forms, typography, tables, buttons, navigation, image carousels, modals, and more. Bootstrap advanced CSS helps to adjust websites in Mobile phones, desktops, and tablets. Its vast icon library helps to create compelling mobile and web applications.

3. Why is Bootstrap used in Mobile Web Development?

Ans. The primary advantage of Bootstrap in Web development is “Mobile-first framework”. If anybody is familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, easy to Bootstrap in web development.

Main Factors

  1. Time-saving
  2. Responsive Grid System
  3. Easy to use
  4. Cross-Browser Compatible
  5. Ease of Customization
  6. Open Source
  7. Community Support

4. What are the main components of Bootstrap?

Ans. A Bootstrap Package originally includes the following components

  • JavaScript Plugins
  • Customization
  • CSS
  • Scaffolding
  • Layout Components

5. What are Bootstrap Tables?

Ans. Bootstrap consists of various kinds of table structures. These tables are Responsive and allow tables to fit well mobile devices with ease. Using Bootstrap to HTML tables significantly increases the appearance of the table.

6. How many types of tables are available in Bootstrap? Explain with Examples

Ans. Here is the list of Bootstrap tables with examples.

  • Bootstrap Basic Table
  • Striped Rows Table
  • Bordered Table
  • Hover Rows Table
  • Condensed Table

1. Bootstrap Basic Table

A basic table in Bootstrap has a light padding and consists of especially horizontal dividers.

The class name .table used to style the table

Example code:
Example output:

2. Striped Rows Table

The class name .table-striped used to add zebra-stripes to a table

Example code:
Example output:

3. Bordered Table

The class name .table-bordered used to add borders on all sides of a table.

Example code:
Example output:

4. Hover Rows Table

The class name .table-hover used to add a grey background color (hover effect) to table rows.

Example code:
Example output:

5. Condensed Table

The class name .table-condensed used to make the table more compact by reducing half of the cell padding.

Example code:
Example output:

7. Explain Contextual Classes of Table in Bootstrap Development

Ans. Bootstrap contains some predefined contextual classes; these used to change the color of rows <tr>, columns and each cell <td> in the table.

  • .active – Enables the hover colour to a specified row or cell
  • .warning – Shows a warning any cell that valuable attention
  • .success – Enables a positive or successful action
  • .info – Shows a neutral informative action or change
  • .danger – Indicates a potential or a dangerous adverse action

8. What is Bootstrap Grid System?

Ans. Bootstrap grid system consists of a set of rows, columns, and containers to align and layout the content. It used for Responsive layouts. The Bootstrap grid used alone and without any CSS & JavaScript components. It is developed by using flexbox and is fully responsive.

bootstrap grid system

Bootstrap grid system consists of a 12 column system, Sass variables & mixins, five default responsive tiers, and multiple predefined classes.

9. Explain basis grid structure in Bootstrap (with code)

Ans. Basic grid system of Bootstrap

<div class="container">
<div class="row">
<div class="col-sm">
One column out of 3 columns
<div class="col-sm">
One column out of 3 columns
<div class="col-sm">
One column out of 3 columns

10. What type of grid classes available in Bootstrap?

Ans. Bootstrap Grid System contains four classes

  • xs – for mobiles – view screen < 768px wide
  • sm – for tablets – view screen >= 768px wide
  • md – for small laptops – view screen >= 992px wide
  • lg – for desktops & laptops – view screen >= 1200px wide

11. What type of system rules available in Bootstrap? Explain Grid Options

Ans. Bootstrap uses rems or ems for defining most sizes. px size used for grid container widths and breakpoints. Because viewport width is in pixels and it won’t change the font size.

Below image shows how the bootstrap grid system works across various devices.

12. How to make images responsive?

Ans. The class name “.img-responsive” to the image tag <img>. Then image behaves responsively with their parent element.

Advanced BootStrap Interview Questions

13. What is Lead Body Copy?

Ans. Lead Body Copy in Bootstrap used to emphasis on a paragraph. The class defined as “lead” is to give you lighter weight, larger font size, and taller line-height.

14. What are the types of lists supported by Bootstrap?

Ans. Bootstrap supports definition lists, unordered lists and ordered lists

15. Explain the term “Glyphicons”

Ans. Glyphicons are defined as monochromatic icons and symbols. If you want to use, you need a license. Perhaps these are available free of cost for BootStrap projects.


Use Glyphicons in buttons, toolbars, navigation, text, forms.

16. What is Bootstrap Carousel?

Ans. The carousel is referred to as a Slideshow and which cycles through a series of content. It has built with JavaScript, and CSS 3D transforms. Carousel works with a set of text, custom markup or series of images.

The carousel consists of 3 parts
1. Carousel Part
2. Indicators Part
3. Wrapper for Slides Part

1. Carousel Part
The class named “carousel” in <div> contains a carousel.
The class named “.slide” helps to add CSS animation effect and transition.

2. Indicators Part
Indicators are navigation icons just placed at the bottom of the carousel.
The class name called .carousel-indicators used to enable indicators at the bottom section of the carousel.

3. Wrapper for Slides Part
The class name “.carousel-inner

The .active class needs to be added to carousel; otherwise, it will not be shown or visible.

17. Explain about Bootstrap Icons

Ans. Bootstrap has tons of icons. These Icons are specially designed to work with Components in Bootstrap. Basically Bootstrap icons are in SVG format, for this they are easily styled with any kind of CSS. Finally Icon library open sources by MIT. So you’re free to download and use it for any commercial purpose.

18. How to display the code in Bootstrap?

  1. <code> tag
  2. <pre> tag

19. What is the progress bar in Bootstrap?

Ans. A progress bar plays a vital role in the user experience. It is used to show a process & how much completed with graphical visualization.

The class “.progress” used to <div> element to build a default progress bar.

Progress bar with 65% Complete

20. How many types of progress bars in Bootstrap development? and how to create those

Ans. There are 5 types of Progress bars available in Bootstrap. They are mentioned below.

  • Basic
  • Striped
  • Alternate
  • Animated
  • Stacked

21. Creating a basis progress bar using Bootstrap

Ans. The class “.progress” used a <div> element to build a default progress bar.

22. How to create an alternative progress bar using bootstrap?

23. Types of Layouts in Bootstrap

  • Fluid Layout
  • Fixed Layout

24. Explain bootstrap media objects

25. How many types of navigation menus are available in Bootstrap?

  • Basic
  • Tabbed
  • Pills
  • Vertical Pills

26. What are the features of Bootstrap?

More questions will update soon, stay tuned!

BootStrap Interview Questions for Experienced

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