apigee interview questions

APIGEE Interview Questions

APIGEE Interview Questions and Answers [Updated 2021]

1. What is Apigee?

Apigee is a cross-cloud API Management platform, presently owned by Google. It can manage the API gateway and enable the easier process to deploy & develop modern, new developer-friendly applications.

2. What is Apigee Gateway?

An API gateway refers to the core of an API management solution acting as a one-way entry to a system that enables APIs to act like a combined process.

3. Why Apigee API?

Apigee allows you to provide securte route to your required services with a well-structured API that is consistant among all of your services. A Consistant API makes an easy process for developers to create userflows into a very good manner.

4. What is an API Platform?

It is an platform which is used to develop API applications

5. What are the key features of API gateway?

the key features are mentioned below, it includes

  1. Ability to transform SOAP APIs and design API specifications.
  2. Ability to give organization-grade security such as quota, analytics, and spike arrest.
  3. By using API Gateway’s you can manage API’s centrally, but run them where ever your applications are stored.

6. Full form of Api Baas

Application Programming Interface – Back end as a Service

7. What is BaaS?

BaaS is defined as “Backend as a Service”

8. Explain the usage of API Baas?

9. What is Api Baas data model

10. What are the features of API Baas?

Ans. API Baas features are mentioned below

  • Social Graph Functionality
  • Push Notifications
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Flexible Data Storage
  • User Management
  • Client Authentications
  • Geolocation Functionality

11. Explain the procedure of data storage in API Baas

12. API Baas vs Usergrid

13. What is the Apigee’s API Baas data storage capacity?

14. What is the process of data store happen in API Baas?

15. What is the no.of push notifications ara available with API Baas

14. Explain API Management

15. What is Apigee Edge?

16. How Apigee Edge helps in EDI (Enterprise Data Integration)?

17. What are the major features in Apigee Api Management Solution?

18. What is Apigee Sense?

19. What are the features of Apigee Sense?

20. What is API Mashery?

From a platform/customer perspective, Mashery is a full-pledged API Management solution that includes – Authentication (Oauth1, Oauth, Oauth2, etc), cahcing, API access control, packaging, filtering, traffic management, analytics/reporting, and more.

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